Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sooooo....Who is your Bad Habit?

It's Mischief Night, aka Hell's Night. The night before Halloween where are the tricksters are up to no damn good. Isn't it a perfect time to talk about the men that have brought hell into our nights as well.

We all have or had one. That one guys that you know is absolutely no good for you but you can't keep away from him? SO DISH! Tell us allllll about your Bad Habit. I'm looking for stories!! You don't have to use his real name but tell us what makes him a bad habit. I'm sure we can ALLLLL relate. :-)

Posting them here ANONYMOUSLY (<----I had the triple check to make sure I spelled that right.)

Can't wait to hear all the juice tales! #Misconceptions #BadHabit #goodreads #amazon #BluDaniels #weneeddiverseromance #greatreads

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