Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soooooooooo...about The Truth About Bad Habit

Since the book's been out, there has been a few questions about Bad Habit, and where I came up with such an asshole. The truth: Bad Habit is a real person. 

MISCONCEPTIONS was loosely based on a relationship we once had. So to answer stuff I'm sure you're all thinking:

So you're Alex?
Nope. Alex is made of up of several girls melted together. That's why so many can relate. Including me.

Have you ever been preggos?
Nope. My uterus still punishes me with periods.

Then where did the story come from?
While I was dating my Bad Habit, I had a dream I was preggos with his twins. Nothing in this world sobers you up more than the idea, even the possibility of having babies with an asshole.

So, who is Bad Habit?
Ha! Next question.

Ok, so what does he look like? What does he do?
He looks exactly how I described him in the book. Career wise too.

Where does he live?
Sesame Street. But you can probably find him at my Alma Mater's Homecoming. :-) 

So Bad Habit is real?
Yes, Bad Habit is real. There were a lot of arguments in the book that happened in real life, just expounded upon. Add the dramatic effect of being pregnant and *expecto patronum* Misconceptions was born! 

So that HOT sex scene in the beginning, that was real? (Is my Mother reading this?)
No seriously, that would be a little too close to home to describe my own sex scene. To this day I skip that part of the book. Contrary to popular belief, I'm a prude. 
Does he know this book is about him?
I went back and forth several times on whether to tell him or not, but decided against it. We’re not friends but we’re not enemies. He has moved on in his life and so have I. We have closure, no need to open up that dungon door again.

But, the whole book is about him?
Nope. He is the archetype for a character in the book, but the whole book is not about him. It’s about how Alex interpreted and dealt with their relationship. How you empower yourself in the midst of stupidity. I wrote this book a couple of months after we broke up, almost five years ago. So to me, the story is old and I'm wayyy over him. don't keep in touch?
Nah. Like I said, closure is a beautiful thing. I don't even think about him when I read this book. It's sort of a blank face for me.

Does it bother guys you date that there's this book about your ex-boyfriend? 
I wouldn't be surprised if a guy felt a way about it, and I honestly would respect his feelings. But that should be it. If a fictional man in a fictional book bothers you, then we have bigger problems to deal with. 

When’s the next book coming out? Will we learn more about Bad Habit?
Next question :-)

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