Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sooooo...Who does BAD HABIT Look like?

"If Bad Habit was real, I think he'd look like Columbus Short!" 
That's what my friend text me after last season's Scandal Season finale and I was like...

It honestly threw me off. I'm saying, he's cute and all. But...

 Columbus Short? O_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? I never thought of that. I guess he could fit the bill.

Awww, RIP Harrison. #scandal
There are soooooo... many options for what Bad Habit could look like. For example:

Lance Gross

Now this one is kinda weird for me. Especially since we went to college, down to the same major together. Sweetest guy, so it's hard to imagine him being a bastard like Bad Habit was.

But he DOES have the sex appeal. *gulps and blushes*

Idris Elba  

Ya'll already know this is my huuusssband in my head. The epitmome of an alpha male. Love of my life.

Great Heavens that man is fine!

Trey Songz

I kinda grew out of this phase of skinny pretty boys, BUT I can imagine Bad Habit have his smirk devilish young man.

Aww isn't that cute? 

Reggie Bush

As my homegirl Neka would say, his body totally rocks the party but he's not exactly the built I 
would imagine for Bad Habit.

But how adorable is he tho holding a baby. Totally can be Bad Habit. 

The Devil

Nailed it! (Ok, just kidding.) 

Michael B Jordan

This suggestion could ACTUALLY work...if he wasn't so tiny. He needs to drink some of that muscle milk protein shake powder stuff and start lifting weights.
But Come On! Don't you see Bad Habit giving you this look?

I don't know...who does Bad Habit look like to you in MISCONCEPTIONS? Shout out your suggestions!! They may help me build the perfect man for the cover! ;-) 

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  1. I actually imagined Columbus Short TOO! So I think your bestie and I are on the same page. Something about him just screams asshole...with occasional moments of kindness.