Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is one of my FAVORITE holidays! I'll be working through most of the day but will hopefully sneak in some candy.

Head over to Write in BK to see a list of 31 of my Favorite Scary Movies. Then, throw on your costume and dance!!!

Happy Halloween. Boo!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sooooo....Who is your Bad Habit?

It's Mischief Night, aka Hell's Night. The night before Halloween where are the tricksters are up to no damn good. Isn't it a perfect time to talk about the men that have brought hell into our nights as well.

We all have or had one. That one guys that you know is absolutely no good for you but you can't keep away from him? SO DISH! Tell us allllll about your Bad Habit. I'm looking for stories!! You don't have to use his real name but tell us what makes him a bad habit. I'm sure we can ALLLLL relate. :-)

Posting them here ANONYMOUSLY (<----I had the triple check to make sure I spelled that right.)

Can't wait to hear all the juice tales! #Misconceptions #BadHabit #goodreads #amazon #BluDaniels #weneeddiverseromance #greatreads

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sooooo...about NOT having an Abortion

In film school, we were taught to always have our elevator pitch ready for ideas, in case you just happen to be in a short elevator ride with Steven Spleiburg. It applies in writing too, always have the concept of your book down in three simple lines to pitch to agents or anyone that wants to know about your book.
A week ago, I was at a reading in which a young man (I call him young man because he was 23 and when I told him my age he replies "Oh, I didn't think you were that old!" I should've known the conversation was doomed from jump). He asked me about my book and I give him the simple elevator pitch. His reply:

"Quadruplets!? Shit. Well, why didn't she just get an abortion?"

The answer knocked the wind right out of me for several reasons. First, let me just say, I'm pro-choice as far as women's rights are concerned and I won't lie that Alex did consider the option for a split second in the book. BUT when that fresh off his Momma's nipple young man spat that question out his mouth with a chuckle without a moment's hesitation, I almost hurled both my fist in his face.

HOW FUCKING DARE HE? I tell you a girl is miraculously pregnant with FOUR babies and you say 'kill 'em all'? Regardless that he's a boy, and don't know shit about shit, I was disgusted, that THAT was his first reaction to solving the problem. We are raising with men who lack humility and give zero fucks, which leaves just the right amount personality traits to be so blunt, crude, heartless and most importantly, lazy. He zeroed in on the easy (read: thoughtless) solution without straining a cell in his minuscule brain or lifting a finger.

I took a breath before responding, trying to keep professional. He simply shrugged and said, "damn, sucks for her."


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sooooo...Who does BAD HABIT Look like?

"If Bad Habit was real, I think he'd look like Columbus Short!" 
That's what my friend text me after last season's Scandal Season finale and I was like...

It honestly threw me off. I'm saying, he's cute and all. But...

 Columbus Short? O_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? I never thought of that. I guess he could fit the bill.

Awww, RIP Harrison. #scandal
There are soooooo... many options for what Bad Habit could look like. For example:

Lance Gross

Now this one is kinda weird for me. Especially since we went to college, down to the same major together. Sweetest guy, so it's hard to imagine him being a bastard like Bad Habit was.

But he DOES have the sex appeal. *gulps and blushes*

Idris Elba  

Ya'll already know this is my huuusssband in my head. The epitmome of an alpha male. Love of my life.

Great Heavens that man is fine!

Trey Songz

I kinda grew out of this phase of skinny pretty boys, BUT I can imagine Bad Habit have his smirk devilish young man.

Aww isn't that cute? 

Reggie Bush

As my homegirl Neka would say, his body totally rocks the party but he's not exactly the built I 
would imagine for Bad Habit.

But how adorable is he tho holding a baby. Totally can be Bad Habit. 

The Devil

Nailed it! (Ok, just kidding.) 

Michael B Jordan

This suggestion could ACTUALLY work...if he wasn't so tiny. He needs to drink some of that muscle milk protein shake powder stuff and start lifting weights.
But Come On! Don't you see Bad Habit giving you this look?

I don't know...who does Bad Habit look like to you in MISCONCEPTIONS? Shout out your suggestions!! They may help me build the perfect man for the cover! ;-) 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Soooo….How does one have Quaduplets?

After I released the book, a bunch of people asked me if it was even possible to get pregnant with Quaduplets and how that would even happen. In order to make the story believable, I had to do A LOT of research, including sitting in on birthing classes.

The easiest answer, according to Wikipedia:
QuadrupletsQuadruplets are much rarer than twins or triplets. As of 2007, there were approximately 3500 sets recorded worldwide. Quadruplet births are becoming increasingly common due to fertility treatments. There are around 70 sets of all-identical quadruplets worldwide. Many sets of quadruplets contain a mixture of identical and fraternal siblings, such as three identical and one fraternal, two identical and two fraternal, or two pairs of identicals. 
IVF is the typically the common cause of multiple births. Most recently, take the Parents who just found out they they were have quaduplets, after 8 years of infertility. Their reaction: Priceless.

But is DOES happen naturally for some. Take a Mother in the UK who naturally conceived a set of quaduplets just this year, all boys!

More cool stuff!!!!

Ultrasounds of Quadruplets:

Stomach Size

And these laughing quaduplet babies are everything

 I'll drop some more knowledge on you guys another time. :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soooooooooo...about The Truth About Bad Habit

Since the book's been out, there has been a few questions about Bad Habit, and where I came up with such an asshole. The truth: Bad Habit is a real person. 

MISCONCEPTIONS was loosely based on a relationship we once had. So to answer stuff I'm sure you're all thinking:

So you're Alex?
Nope. Alex is made of up of several girls melted together. That's why so many can relate. Including me.

Have you ever been preggos?
Nope. My uterus still punishes me with periods.

Then where did the story come from?
While I was dating my Bad Habit, I had a dream I was preggos with his twins. Nothing in this world sobers you up more than the idea, even the possibility of having babies with an asshole.

So, who is Bad Habit?
Ha! Next question.

Ok, so what does he look like? What does he do?
He looks exactly how I described him in the book. Career wise too.

Where does he live?
Sesame Street. But you can probably find him at my Alma Mater's Homecoming. :-) 

So Bad Habit is real?
Yes, Bad Habit is real. There were a lot of arguments in the book that happened in real life, just expounded upon. Add the dramatic effect of being pregnant and *expecto patronum* Misconceptions was born! 

So that HOT sex scene in the beginning, that was real? (Is my Mother reading this?)
No seriously, that would be a little too close to home to describe my own sex scene. To this day I skip that part of the book. Contrary to popular belief, I'm a prude. 
Does he know this book is about him?
I went back and forth several times on whether to tell him or not, but decided against it. We’re not friends but we’re not enemies. He has moved on in his life and so have I. We have closure, no need to open up that dungon door again.

But, the whole book is about him?
Nope. He is the archetype for a character in the book, but the whole book is not about him. It’s about how Alex interpreted and dealt with their relationship. How you empower yourself in the midst of stupidity. I wrote this book a couple of months after we broke up, almost five years ago. So to me, the story is old and I'm wayyy over him. don't keep in touch?
Nah. Like I said, closure is a beautiful thing. I don't even think about him when I read this book. It's sort of a blank face for me.

Does it bother guys you date that there's this book about your ex-boyfriend? 
I wouldn't be surprised if a guy felt a way about it, and I honestly would respect his feelings. But that should be it. If a fictional man in a fictional book bothers you, then we have bigger problems to deal with. 

When’s the next book coming out? Will we learn more about Bad Habit?
Next question :-)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sooooooo...An explanation. And an Apology :-(

Sooo...there’s this thing called LIFE, and it always tries to get in the way of shit. Life can be a real bitch, seriously.

I’m sure you all are wondering, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN BLU?!?!?!
Well, I’ve been everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. Firstly, I signed with an AWESOME AGENT and been working on another book. More on that later. Secondly, I started a new job that sorta took over my life for a little bit. Seeing how I had to focus on my new position, I decided to take some time off to readjust. Thirdly, I had several pretty long trips during the summer, including one to CUBA and preparing for that took over my life a bit too. Now, I’m BACK!

Ok, sooooo….where’s the new book?  
Unfortunately, with everything going on, I didn’t have the time to work on BAD HABIT like I wanted to. And I refuse to release subpar work. I am super super sorry for the delay.

BUT IT’S COMING! I SWEAR!! I’m working hard to make it right and have given myself a deadline.

And to make it up to you, I decided to give you guys a little present....

 MISCONCEPTION is now FREE on Amazon for this week only!!!

Also, since I love presents, the first FIVE people to send me their favorite lines from MISCONCEPTION will win a Blu Care Package, with an autograph copy of the book. Hit up my contact sheet. ('s over there ---->)

LOVE to you all,