Monday, October 27, 2014

Sooooo...about NOT having an Abortion

In film school, we were taught to always have our elevator pitch ready for ideas, in case you just happen to be in a short elevator ride with Steven Spleiburg. It applies in writing too, always have the concept of your book down in three simple lines to pitch to agents or anyone that wants to know about your book.
A week ago, I was at a reading in which a young man (I call him young man because he was 23 and when I told him my age he replies "Oh, I didn't think you were that old!" I should've known the conversation was doomed from jump). He asked me about my book and I give him the simple elevator pitch. His reply:

"Quadruplets!? Shit. Well, why didn't she just get an abortion?"

The answer knocked the wind right out of me for several reasons. First, let me just say, I'm pro-choice as far as women's rights are concerned and I won't lie that Alex did consider the option for a split second in the book. BUT when that fresh off his Momma's nipple young man spat that question out his mouth with a chuckle without a moment's hesitation, I almost hurled both my fist in his face.

HOW FUCKING DARE HE? I tell you a girl is miraculously pregnant with FOUR babies and you say 'kill 'em all'? Regardless that he's a boy, and don't know shit about shit, I was disgusted, that THAT was his first reaction to solving the problem. We are raising with men who lack humility and give zero fucks, which leaves just the right amount personality traits to be so blunt, crude, heartless and most importantly, lazy. He zeroed in on the easy (read: thoughtless) solution without straining a cell in his minuscule brain or lifting a finger.

I took a breath before responding, trying to keep professional. He simply shrugged and said, "damn, sucks for her."


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