Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sooooooooooooo...About that Fun Photoshoot

Last year, at least five different people from various industries asked me for headshots or promotional pics. I sent them instagram selfies. I realized I never really got around to talking pics of myself that could be classified as “professional” although, I think my iphone does a pretty good job. But I knew if I was going to be a published author, or even a filmmaker, I had to step my game up. 

Now, I have plenty of friends that are photographers, awesome ones too, but for this particular shoot, I had pictures in mind and felt they were a little too...personal. As crazy as it sounds, I do care what my friends think, so I wanted to be able to let my guard down without worrying about being judged and take photos with someone I trusted but doesn't know me 100% or isn't trying to get into my pants.  
Enter Omar from We've travelled in the same friend circles for years but we weren't close (i.e he didn't know my Mommy's name. It's Mom, btw). But I knew he had a great eye and awesome sense of humor, so I felt comfortable approaching him with the ideas. The end results after a full day of shooting with only a few insecure panic attack moments on my part, came out amazing! I clean up nice when I feel like it. 

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