Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sooooooooo... About Blu

Some of you actually like know me KNOW me, and may be wondering what’s up with this Blu heffa. I have to give a quick explanation for Blu.

1) My book has sex in it. It’s not ecrotica, but it’s enough to make me squirm a little at the thought of my parents reading it.
*pearls clutch gasp*

2) I write in two separate genres, meaning I cater to two different audiences. Some women out there are not interested in the more dark/edgy novels I write or the horror films I make. Some are simply interested in reading about boys, love, sex, relationships, and happily ever afters. 
(On another note: It's hard having split personalities. I don't know how Kanye does it.)


3) Beyonce has several alter egos. I’m allowed one Got damn it! I do what I want!

So let Blu be Blu, and me be me.  With that being said, let me dance!!

No seriously, this is totally my happy dance.

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