Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sooooooooooo...about my Thank You page

I love my ipod, but I kind of miss the days of tapes and CDs, merely for cover art. I use to love flipping through the little booklet, reading the lyrics, finding out the producers, band names, and writers. But I especially loved the thank you page. It’s like an artist's Oscar winning speech in print, an open letter to everyone they loved and appreciated. When I decided to become a writer, I spent hours in book stores (remember those? I showing my age now) flipping to the back of books and reading thank yous, mostly as research to find author's agents, mother’s name, and if they had children (I’m nosey like that).
So of course, I spent a lot of time on my Thank You page. Ok, that’s a lie. I wrote it on my iphone on the way to work one morning. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have done any of this without the support and love of my family. This book and my career, was not a solo feat. For that, I say thank you. 

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