Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LOVE IT: Turn it Loose

I honestly don't remember how I met Britni Danielle via the internets. Seriously, no clue, but I love her!

On a recent trip down to Miami, I finally had some time to dive into her novella...TURN IT LOOSE and got sucked into her adventure quick. Plus, I have a thing for British boys too (have you met my future husband Idris?)

Note my cute nail color :-)

NOT TO MENTION the title of the book is from one of my FAV songs by En Vogue. LAWD I loved this group! I was their honorary fifth member.

I had the please to meet Britni on a recent trip to LA (minus a little traffic and holdups, it was an awesome happy hour). PLUS she has my awesome middle name.

Anxiously waiting part II to see #WhatWillJaylahDo?

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